Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hcg weight loss rant!!

I'm totally obsessed with hcg. Its about a month and a half post my first round! I have actually kept the weight off and even lost more! I am so excited to order my second round of hcg. Unfortunately i paid a pretty penny for my first round so this time i will be ordering it offline for a fraction of the price (under a $100) compared to $450. So I'm pretty excited! I am still going to try to post before and after my first round but not sure if I have any full body pictures. But we shall see, I have to transfer my pictures from my phone to computer before posting and im  currently working 2 jobs so makes it a little difficult to find time. Are you still in the Research phase of the hcg diet?email me if you have any questions that i have not answered and I will get back to you with my personal experiences! !!