Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Here comes round two!

So I have received my medical supplies that I need for round two!  Which includes: needles,  bac water,  alcohol wipes,  mixing vials,  and a recipe diet book.  Now I'm currently waiting on my hcg and b12 to arrive! ! I'm am debating on loading over Christmas.  I will post updates as they become available! ! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hcg weight loss rant!!

I'm totally obsessed with hcg. Its about a month and a half post my first round! I have actually kept the weight off and even lost more! I am so excited to order my second round of hcg. Unfortunately i paid a pretty penny for my first round so this time i will be ordering it offline for a fraction of the price (under a $100) compared to $450. So I'm pretty excited! I am still going to try to post before and after my first round but not sure if I have any full body pictures. But we shall see, I have to transfer my pictures from my phone to computer before posting and im  currently working 2 jobs so makes it a little difficult to find time. Are you still in the Research phase of the hcg diet?email me if you have any questions that i have not answered and I will get back to you with my personal experiences! !! 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Phase 1 Hcg

Phase 1 HCG injection diet

Phase 1 of the hcg diet is The injection plus loading days. The Original protocol is to load for 2 days. Loading meaning consuming fats in order to obtain a normal fat reserve to last throughout your diet and will help you remain not hungry through your diet. Some people load on nothing but junk food ( which is what i did and i actually loaded for 3 days because i forgot a few food items i wanted to eat before going on the 500 low calorie diet) But when you load up on bad fats, The day you start your LCD days (LCD = Low Calorie Diet) you will have a major headache ( I did) so they say it is better to "Clean Load" Load up on healthy fats not like pizza or candy. I had a headache for at least two days. You are also supposed to get into the routine of waking up, going to the restroom, weighing yourself, record your weight and then give yourself the injection. It is definitely not hard to get into that routine as it is the most exciting or most disappointing time of day to either lose, gain, or stall on your losses. But that also gives you the chance to ask yourself what you did differently.  You will gain weight while loading and you do use your weight after your loading to base your total weight loss but do not worry it will come off quite fast like if you stick strictly to the protocol! 

Terms you need to know:

  • LCD = Low Calorie Diet
  • Example: R1P1D2 = Round 1 Phase 1 Day 2
  • R1P2LCD4 = Round 1 Phase 2 Low Calorie Day 4
  • POP = Perfect On Protocol
  • NSV = Non Scale Victory

Here are just a few to get you started I will however make a different post on hcg Terminology!!
Have a Great beginning and a happy ending!

Hcg Injection diet

Hcg weight loss


My name Is Tiffany. I wanted to start this blog because if your anything like me you are scouring the internet for information on the hcg diet. I have done one round thus far and plan on starting another round this upcoming month. While doing another round I will post daily as of for now I will just talk about my hcg experience this far. I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be. This blog is about my personal experience and understandings of the matter. It is also a great idea consulting your doctor before starting any diet program. I went to a chiropractic practice for medical oversight and to get my prescribed hcg injections. The cost was for $450 for a 40 day round. It was supposed to include weekly weigh in's and measurements as long as a mid way check up with the nurse practitioner to make adjustments if needed. None of that happened I went for the first couple of weeks and they acted as if it was a burden for me to come every week although im in Missouri I was driving to Illinois weekly for this. Needless to say I think I will order my hcg injections online like the rest of the hcg population which is about $40 compared to $450 and still under a $100 for all supplies needed. The diet is kinda rigorous and you have to have a strong will power but after the first couple of days you are not hungry and some days its hard to get your 500 calories in. Most days my calories added up to about 300 a day. When I started regular dieting I was 197.7 im 24 years old and 5'0. With regular dieting I lost 7 lbs in a few months. And after searching the internet about this controversial diet for a couple weeks and reading Pounds and Inches. I decided to give it a try. after loading I was 190.7. I did a 40 day round with occasional cheating ( CHEATING IS DEF NOT WORTH IT AS IT STALLS YOUR WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2 OR MORE DAYS) I also took detox baths occasionally. I'm telling you waking up and stepping on the scale and getting those numbers lower and lower everyday is exciting and gives you the courage to keep going!!!! I'm now sitting at 168.0 so with regular dieting and hcg ( only 7 lbs regular. would have lost more if i didn't cheat at all) total loss of 29.7 lbs and last time I went for measurements which was like 2 weeks in I had already lost over 20 inches all over my body! I will post some pics before I start my next round. There are also quite a few support groups on Facebook that are totally awesome and keep you motivated. Just type hcg injection diet in the search engine and bam its there.  There also plenty of hcg recipes out there I mainly ate steak, boiled chicken and tomatoes, lettuce ect. I'm writing this in hopes to help someone who has been searching the internet with no luck. Because I was you!!! And now I have more confidence and self esteem that I have not felt since before I had my son who is now 5 years old. Dont get me wrong I am full of myself and kind of conceded but now I can look in the mirror at my entire body and know that I have a ways to go but can see the progress and look at the full view and smile.  We lose weight for multiple reasons including but not limited to : More self esteem, health reasons, getting bullied, baby weight, other people who lecture us. But the best reason to lose weight is quite simple : FOR YOU. Do not lose weight to satisfy someone else do it for yourself because you want to look and feel awesome. im writing this now and thinking that no one will read it anyway but i hope someone does!!  So here is my very very long first post and there will be more to follow!!