Thursday, October 29, 2015

Phase 1 Hcg

Phase 1 HCG injection diet

Phase 1 of the hcg diet is The injection plus loading days. The Original protocol is to load for 2 days. Loading meaning consuming fats in order to obtain a normal fat reserve to last throughout your diet and will help you remain not hungry through your diet. Some people load on nothing but junk food ( which is what i did and i actually loaded for 3 days because i forgot a few food items i wanted to eat before going on the 500 low calorie diet) But when you load up on bad fats, The day you start your LCD days (LCD = Low Calorie Diet) you will have a major headache ( I did) so they say it is better to "Clean Load" Load up on healthy fats not like pizza or candy. I had a headache for at least two days. You are also supposed to get into the routine of waking up, going to the restroom, weighing yourself, record your weight and then give yourself the injection. It is definitely not hard to get into that routine as it is the most exciting or most disappointing time of day to either lose, gain, or stall on your losses. But that also gives you the chance to ask yourself what you did differently.  You will gain weight while loading and you do use your weight after your loading to base your total weight loss but do not worry it will come off quite fast like if you stick strictly to the protocol! 

Terms you need to know:

  • LCD = Low Calorie Diet
  • Example: R1P1D2 = Round 1 Phase 1 Day 2
  • R1P2LCD4 = Round 1 Phase 2 Low Calorie Day 4
  • POP = Perfect On Protocol
  • NSV = Non Scale Victory

Here are just a few to get you started I will however make a different post on hcg Terminology!!
Have a Great beginning and a happy ending!

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